Jeff Lifting

As a divorced father of three with a demanding career finding time to stay fit has always been a challenge. Being a former Wrestler and Marine, training intensity was never the problem.  The problem was finding a balanced approach to nutrition and a sustainable exercise program.  With Jeff Hoehn I was able to find a trainer that supported me in my garage gym and helped structure my nutrition.  Honey I’m Home Nutritious Foods has made it easier to meet my macronutrient targets without having to eat an overly restrictive diet.

Jeff VanSlette

First Meal Ordered December, 2019

Client Alpha

Absolutely LOVE this business and the meals they provide. The industry I work in keeps me extremely busy, so Honey I’m Home is perfect for me because they provide healthy, prepped meals that I can enjoy despite having a hectic schedule. I give them beyond five stars and highly, highly recommend them! Keep up the AMAZING work!


First Meal Ordered February 23, 2020


I don’t enjoy cooking! Thanks to Ginelle, I did not have to sacrifice clean, healthy, eating. My workouts would be in vain if I did not take in proper nutrition. Ginelle’s tasty, organized, meals assure I get proper nutrition. And, the presentation is impressive!


First Meal Ordered August 14, 2020

Honey I’m home Nutritious foods has been a Godsend for me. I love how each week there are different menu options. Also, I love the fact that some of favorite dishes are made in healthy and guilt free way. I would highly recommend honey I’m home Nutritious foods to everyone.

Nyla C

First Meal Ordered July 20, 2020